The Rule of Two and the Rule of One


The Dark Side of the Force is very different than the Light Side. The Dark Side uses the raw emotional power of anger, hatred and fear to give them powers far beyond your typical Jedi (who uses more harmonious feelings of peace, including apathy, to power themselves).


The Rule of Two refers to the Sith method of tutelage. The Jedi were fans of using a temple or academy system where many candidates would join. The Sith ended up rejecting this, though they did use an academy setting for sometime to train their apprentices in the ways of the Dark Side. Ultimately, the Sith felt this led to a watering down of power. Others could weasel their way through the ranks, putting weaker Siths into power and overall making the Sith be ruled by those who were weaker than they should be in the powers of the Dark Side.


This is what gave rise to the Rule of Two. The Rule of Two states that there is always two Siths, one who has mastered the powers of the Dark Side and one to crave for that power. The Master and the Apprentice structure was born. The idea is that ultimately when the apprentice Sith is ready to become a Master Sith, he will rise up and kill his master. If he can kill his master, that means he will have surpassed his master in the ways of the Dark Side, thus meaning that the Sith will always be ruled by the most powerful. The newly annointed Master will then go about finding his apprentice, and thus the cycle of the Rule of Two continues.


Darth Bane was the first Sith to really push for this Rule of Two. Darth Bane actually went so far as slaughtering every single member of the Sith Academy, ensuring that no weak user of the Dark Side would ever exist as a Sith. However, there are times when the Rule of Two has not always worked in the Sith’s favor. One Sith Master has feared that his apprentice was just waiting around until the master died of old age before taking the title, and the master lamented this meant that the Sith would be ruled by a weakling who could not take power for themselves. Luckily, (in the Sith kind of way) he was later killed by his apprentice and felt the rush of pride in his apprentice.


However, Darth Sidious who would later become Emperor Palpatine, sought to disband the way of the Rule of Two, same with his master Darth Plaguesis. Darth Plaeguesis dreamt of an entire Sith academy again and sought eternal life so as to see his dream to come true. But his apprentice Darth Sidious had other plots in mind. Palpatine also wanted to end the Rule of Two, in favor of the Rule of One, where he would live forever as the only true power of the Sith.


This is why Emperor Palpatine killed Darth Plaguesis, and then made sure Anakin Skywalker became mortally wounded before turning Anakin into the half robotic Darth Vader. In his weakened state, Darth Vader could never hope to achieve the same powers of the Dark Side as Emperor Palpatine did. This was the securing of the Rule of One, where Palpatine became the ultimate and uncontested ruler of the Dark Side and of the Sith.

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The Irony of Anakin Skywalker

The Irony of Anakin Skywalker

Throughout the entire Star Wars mythos we are led to believe that there is a Chosen One that will be born that will come and bring balance to the Force. It is talked about in all of the episodes. This balancing of the Force is so important, that the Jedis are actively seeking out this Chosen One, or Messiah, that can remedy the out of balance Force.


In comes Anakin Skywalker, someone born without a father to a woman who was literally impregnated by the Force (that is we can assume, since no father is ever mentioned). Anakin displays all the traits that the Chosen One myth would lead us down. And Anakin is raised in the Jedi tradition, before ultimately falling to the Dark Side where he becomes the fanatical Darth Vader.


Obi Wan Kenobi says Anakin Skywalker failed them as the Chosen One, but he did not. Anakin actually succeeded wildly, he succeed too much. When he was brought up in the Jedi tradition, the Jedi were gods among men, and one of the most powerful political factions in the entire Republic. If any part of the Force was unbalanced, it was because the Jedi had so many people on the Light Side of the Force with very little enemies on the Dark Side. The Dark Side was a barren nothingness for the most part outside of Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine, who at this time had not even revealed himself to be a member of the Dark Side and had risen to power mainly through his own ability and charismatic talents versus using the Force.


When Anakin Skywalker goes about killing the younglings at the Jedi Temple and then proceeds to kill the other Jedis, he is actually doing exactly what the Chosen One is suppose to do. He is balancing the Force. He brings all the Jedis to the brink of destruction almost single handedly. He crushes them. When he is done there is only a scattering of Jedi left and very few Jedi Masters who are all forced to go into exile unless they are killed and the entire way of the Jedi are destroyed.


But that is exactly what the prophecy demands. Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One, where the Jedi had went wrong was thinking that the Chosen One would be a Jedi. But how could he be? If he was to balance the Force, than the Dark Side would be the obvious choice that Anakin would fall into because that side is the minority of the Force, with the fewest participants in it.


Of course later on in the story, Anakin proves himself to be the Chosen One again when he fights against Emperor Palpatine as Darth Vader. Darth Vader kills the last Sith Master, and in doing so leaves himself to die alone and allows Luke Skywalker to escape.


He allows Luke Skywalker to escape because there is still one last Sith Master that Darth Vader can feel – as will be revealed by the Force Awakens with the Supreme Leader Snokes. Darth Vader was the Chosen One, but no one would realize that the fate of the Chosen One was to eradicate both sides of the Force completely.


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Why Jar Jar Binks is the Master Sith Lord

Alright, this theory has been out around the internet for a while now. When you think about it, it makes a ton of sense and also makes one of the most hated characters in all of Star Wars history into something much, much cooler.

The theory says that Jarr Jarr Binks is actually a Master Sith Lord, likely even more powerful than Emperor Palpatine. If you watch the prequel episodes 1-3 with this in mind, it becomes a lot more apparent that there is more going on with Jarr Jarr Binks than just some slapstick light hearted humor.

For example, there is a scene where it shows Jarr Jarr Binks jumping twenty feet into the air randomly. This ability to jump so high is something that Jedi can do easily with their Force Jumps, but no other creature that we have encountered, even Jarr Jarr Binks own people, can mimic this jump that is very much in line with what a Jedi can do.

Furthermore, there is a scene where Jarr Jarr Binks and the Jedi are being attacked by the gun droids with their laser guns. The others jump down to fight the droids, while Jarr Jarr Binks holds back to a ledge. Then in the next scene, you can see the droids heads following Jarr Jarr Binks jumping in from an entirely different area. You can even see the droids still shooting where they thought Jarr Jarr Binks was, but because of his Force jump ability he was able to sneak in on them from another direction.

There is even more telling signs that Jarr Jarr Binks is masterful in the ways of the Dark Side during any of the scenes when you see the heroes making important decisions. Jarr Jarr Binks is often behind them, and if you look at his lips you can see his lips are moving as if he is speaking in a whisper to the characters talking. He is controlling their entire conversation to make them go in the directions he wants them to go that will best fit in with his Sith plans. Finally, it is Jarr Jarr Binks who has now used his Dark Side powers to become the reigning senator of Naboo that gives the Chancellor Palpatine supreme control as the Emperor of the Republic.

When this happens, Palpatine has succeeded in becoming the Emperor and nothing can stop him. There is even a deleted scene where Palpatine is thanking Jar Jar Binks for his help and support. Why would someone as powerful as Darth Sidious ever think to thank what we are led to believe is a dim witted fish man? Unless of course this dim witted fish man is actually Palpatine’s master who has been fooling everyone with his dim witted humor and speech patterns. He is fooling everyone when in actuality he is the puppeteer pulling all the strings.

It is Jar Jar Binks, not Emperor Palpatine, who is controlling the entire droid war, the clone wars, and all the events leading up to the Empire’s very formation!


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Why Kylo Ren is a Weak Villain

There is a lot of lash back against Star War the Force Awakens new villain – Kylo Ren. People are saying he was too weak for an ultimate enemy for our beloved heroes to face. At the outset, looking just at the surface, this is very true. He is easily defeated by Rey who has far less training than him, but he also finds it difficult to fight against Fin the Stormtrooper when Fin challenges him to a lightsaber duel. There are multiple other moments when Kylo Ren’s intrinsic weaknesses comes to the surface too, and fans are left wondering why is anyone at all afraid of this guy.


This article is going to cover why Kylo Ren being weak is suppose to be part of The Force Awakens, and why the next time we see Kylo Ren, he is going to be a far more evil badass than we could had ever imagined.


Kylo Ren was originally trained in the ways of the Force by Luke Skywalker when Luke restarted the Jedi temple. For some reason that we currently do not understand as of yet, Kylo Ren was tempted into the Dark Side of the Force. There is a scene where Han Solo – Kylo Ren’s father – says that the boy had too much of Vader in him for them to possibly help him. This could be the artifact of Darth Vader’s burnt helmet reaching out to Kylo Ren, along with Supreme Leader Snopes looking to corrupt Kylo Ren.


When Kylo Ren kills the other young jedi padawans, he officially becomes Snope’s apprentice keeping with the Sith Rule of Two. Throughout the Force Awakens though, it is made very clear that Kylo Ren has not had much if any advanced training in the force since joining Snopes. Kylo Ren even begs for guidance on multiple occasions from the Supreme Leader and asks for more training on the ways of the Dark Side. At the end of the movie, Supreme Leader Snopes says to bring Kylo Ren to him so they can complete his training. This completion of training will turn Kylo Ren from a raw power house of Force powers into a refined Dark Side killing machine that will be more than match for Rey and perhaps for anyone that comes up against him.


Another note here is that the power of the Force manifests itself most through peoples genuine will power. There is an entire scene dedicated to Kylo Ren lamenting that he has too much of the Light Side within him, and he begs for the artifact that was his grandfather’s helmet to teach him how to get rid of the Light inside of him and remind him of the power of the Dark Side.


He worships Darth Vader, but this internal conflict overall weakens his ability to wield the Dark Side. Because of all of this, lack of training, lack of emotional genuine focus, and having bits of the Light still inside of him, Kylo Ren is weak. Yet, in the next movie, he will likely come back as Snopes elite trained jedi killing dog that will make Rey and others tremble before his new powers.


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Why Rey is Anakin Skywalker

Just as an FYI (for your information), this article will contain a lot of spoilers about the new Star Wars The Force Awakens! If you have not seen the Force Awakens, I highly recommend it, especially before reading this article.


So who is Rey? Well, we can presume that Rey is actually Luke Skywalker’s daughter that was abandoned on the desert planet from a young age. She may even had been briefly taught by Luke in the ways of the Force before Luke gave up on teaching new students due to Rylo-Ken killing off all the young Jedi’s when he decided to join the Dark Side.


Rey is a masterful mechanic with minimal training, a natural pilot, and she has a high sensitivity to the Force itself. This is all shown throughout the entire movie in brilliant detail. For example, she fixes the Millennium Falcon with minimal time and fixes problems that even Han Solo and Chewie could not fix during the Empire Strikes Back. We already know that Rey likely has an overwhelming connection to the Force, but furthermore we also see during a scene where she has an “Excalibur” moment where Luke’s lightsaber calls out to her from beneath the basement on the watering hole that Han Solo takes them to.


During this flashback, she sees both the potential future and things that have already come to pass. The lightsaber calls out to her because it is hers. For those who do not know, Luke Skywalker is given the lightsaber of his father by Obi Wan Kenobi to train with before fighting the Empire. This same lightsaber is now calling out to Rey, Darth Vader’s granddaughter. In one scene, it is shown that the lightsaber rejects Kylo Ren in favor for Rey. This is because Darth Vader is attempting to reconcile all the evil he has done, and he has finally found a way to beat death by being reborn, or reincarnated, in Rey.


Rey is Darth Vader’s attempt to make right all the things he has done, and to make peace with himself for the sins he has committed against the galaxy. Rey is the harbinger of Darth Vader’s return not as a force of evil, but rather as a force of good, the paragon of the Light Side of the Force finally reincarnated to bring balance to the Force.


When you view it from this angle, it makes way more sense why Rey has all of these intuitive abilities with minimal training. These are all things that Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) displayed as a child himself with his pod racing skills and ability to create and communicate with droids on a deeper level than others.


Because she is the reincarnated form of Anakin Skywalker, when the Force awakens in her, she has an overwhelming conduit to power exactly because her soul is so intricately tied with Anakin’s. This is why she is able to use a lightsaber masterfully against Kylo Ren, why she can fix the Millennium Falcon easily, and also why she was able to Force Control the Stormtroopers that captured her where she manipulated them to release her.

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