The Irony of Anakin Skywalker

The Irony of Anakin Skywalker

Throughout the entire Star Wars mythos we are led to believe that there is a Chosen One that will be born that will come and bring balance to the Force. It is talked about in all of the episodes. This balancing of the Force is so important, that the Jedis are actively seeking out this Chosen One, or Messiah, that can remedy the out of balance Force.


In comes Anakin Skywalker, someone born without a father to a woman who was literally impregnated by the Force (that is we can assume, since no father is ever mentioned). Anakin displays all the traits that the Chosen One myth would lead us down. And Anakin is raised in the Jedi tradition, before ultimately falling to the Dark Side where he becomes the fanatical Darth Vader.


Obi Wan Kenobi says Anakin Skywalker failed them as the Chosen One, but he did not. Anakin actually succeeded wildly, he succeed too much. When he was brought up in the Jedi tradition, the Jedi were gods among men, and one of the most powerful political factions in the entire Republic. If any part of the Force was unbalanced, it was because the Jedi had so many people on the Light Side of the Force with very little enemies on the Dark Side. The Dark Side was a barren nothingness for the most part outside of Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine, who at this time had not even revealed himself to be a member of the Dark Side and had risen to power mainly through his own ability and charismatic talents versus using the Force.


When Anakin Skywalker goes about killing the younglings at the Jedi Temple and then proceeds to kill the other Jedis, he is actually doing exactly what the Chosen One is suppose to do. He is balancing the Force. He brings all the Jedis to the brink of destruction almost single handedly. He crushes them. When he is done there is only a scattering of Jedi left and very few Jedi Masters who are all forced to go into exile unless they are killed and the entire way of the Jedi are destroyed.


But that is exactly what the prophecy demands. Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One, where the Jedi had went wrong was thinking that the Chosen One would be a Jedi. But how could he be? If he was to balance the Force, than the Dark Side would be the obvious choice that Anakin would fall into because that side is the minority of the Force, with the fewest participants in it.


Of course later on in the story, Anakin proves himself to be the Chosen One again when he fights against Emperor Palpatine as Darth Vader. Darth Vader kills the last Sith Master, and in doing so leaves himself to die alone and allows Luke Skywalker to escape.


He allows Luke Skywalker to escape because there is still one last Sith Master that Darth Vader can feel – as will be revealed by the Force Awakens with the Supreme Leader Snokes. Darth Vader was the Chosen One, but no one would realize that the fate of the Chosen One was to eradicate both sides of the Force completely.


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