Why Jar Jar Binks is the Master Sith Lord

Alright, this theory has been out around the internet for a while now. When you think about it, it makes a ton of sense and also makes one of the most hated characters in all of Star Wars history into something much, much cooler.

The theory says that Jarr Jarr Binks is actually a Master Sith Lord, likely even more powerful than Emperor Palpatine. If you watch the prequel episodes 1-3 with this in mind, it becomes a lot more apparent that there is more going on with Jarr Jarr Binks than just some slapstick light hearted humor.

For example, there is a scene where it shows Jarr Jarr Binks jumping twenty feet into the air randomly. This ability to jump so high is something that Jedi can do easily with their Force Jumps, but no other creature that we have encountered, even Jarr Jarr Binks own people, can mimic this jump that is very much in line with what a Jedi can do.

Furthermore, there is a scene where Jarr Jarr Binks and the Jedi are being attacked by the gun droids with their laser guns. The others jump down to fight the droids, while Jarr Jarr Binks holds back to a ledge. Then in the next scene, you can see the droids heads following Jarr Jarr Binks jumping in from an entirely different area. You can even see the droids still shooting where they thought Jarr Jarr Binks was, but because of his Force jump ability he was able to sneak in on them from another direction.

There is even more telling signs that Jarr Jarr Binks is masterful in the ways of the Dark Side during any of the scenes when you see the heroes making important decisions. Jarr Jarr Binks is often behind them, and if you look at his lips you can see his lips are moving as if he is speaking in a whisper to the characters talking. He is controlling their entire conversation to make them go in the directions he wants them to go that will best fit in with his Sith plans. Finally, it is Jarr Jarr Binks who has now used his Dark Side powers to become the reigning senator of Naboo that gives the Chancellor Palpatine supreme control as the Emperor of the Republic.

When this happens, Palpatine has succeeded in becoming the Emperor and nothing can stop him. There is even a deleted scene where Palpatine is thanking Jar Jar Binks for his help and support. Why would someone as powerful as Darth Sidious ever think to thank what we are led to believe is a dim witted fish man? Unless of course this dim witted fish man is actually Palpatine’s master who has been fooling everyone with his dim witted humor and speech patterns. He is fooling everyone when in actuality he is the puppeteer pulling all the strings.

It is Jar Jar Binks, not Emperor Palpatine, who is controlling the entire droid war, the clone wars, and all the events leading up to the Empire’s very formation!


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