Why Kylo Ren is a Weak Villain

There is a lot of lash back against Star War the Force Awakens new villain – Kylo Ren. People are saying he was too weak for an ultimate enemy for our beloved heroes to face. At the outset, looking just at the surface, this is very true. He is easily defeated by Rey who has far less training than him, but he also finds it difficult to fight against Fin the Stormtrooper when Fin challenges him to a lightsaber duel. There are multiple other moments when Kylo Ren’s intrinsic weaknesses comes to the surface too, and fans are left wondering why is anyone at all afraid of this guy.


This article is going to cover why Kylo Ren being weak is suppose to be part of The Force Awakens, and why the next time we see Kylo Ren, he is going to be a far more evil badass than we could had ever imagined.


Kylo Ren was originally trained in the ways of the Force by Luke Skywalker when Luke restarted the Jedi temple. For some reason that we currently do not understand as of yet, Kylo Ren was tempted into the Dark Side of the Force. There is a scene where Han Solo – Kylo Ren’s father – says that the boy had too much of Vader in him for them to possibly help him. This could be the artifact of Darth Vader’s burnt helmet reaching out to Kylo Ren, along with Supreme Leader Snopes looking to corrupt Kylo Ren.


When Kylo Ren kills the other young jedi padawans, he officially becomes Snope’s apprentice keeping with the Sith Rule of Two. Throughout the Force Awakens though, it is made very clear that Kylo Ren has not had much if any advanced training in the force since joining Snopes. Kylo Ren even begs for guidance on multiple occasions from the Supreme Leader and asks for more training on the ways of the Dark Side. At the end of the movie, Supreme Leader Snopes says to bring Kylo Ren to him so they can complete his training. This completion of training will turn Kylo Ren from a raw power house of Force powers into a refined Dark Side killing machine that will be more than match for Rey and perhaps for anyone that comes up against him.


Another note here is that the power of the Force manifests itself most through peoples genuine will power. There is an entire scene dedicated to Kylo Ren lamenting that he has too much of the Light Side within him, and he begs for the artifact that was his grandfather’s helmet to teach him how to get rid of the Light inside of him and remind him of the power of the Dark Side.


He worships Darth Vader, but this internal conflict overall weakens his ability to wield the Dark Side. Because of all of this, lack of training, lack of emotional genuine focus, and having bits of the Light still inside of him, Kylo Ren is weak. Yet, in the next movie, he will likely come back as Snopes elite trained jedi killing dog that will make Rey and others tremble before his new powers.


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